Keeping information secure, and residents safe from fraud

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MONTROSE, Colo. The City of Montrose will be getting a thorough check of their cyber-security this year, to ensure they can avoid any type of breach of delicate or valuable information.

They received a grant from the Statewide Internet Portal Authority, SIPA, allowing them to do a run-through of their current system with the help of experts.

Montrose will be partnering with Level 3 Communications, one of the most connected internet service providers in the world.

"It's going to be that good check, that sanity check," says Montrose Director of Information Systems, Jeff Scheetz. "If there is a big hole let's get it fixed quickly if not let's keep going down to where we are."

The city found out in January that they received the grant and at the end of April, will begin the process of doing their information security study with the help of Level 3.

City officials say they're looking forward to the check, and are grateful for the chance to be sure they're being safe with their residents' information.

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