District 51 schools lock in safety

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, and Columbine High School are just three instances of the horrific trend of violence our school systems have seen in recent years.

With the issue of our kids' safety in mind, District 51 has gone to great lengths to protect the students, teachers, and administrators who walk through the halls of our schools on a daily basis.

This year, six schools in in the district have installed new, key-less entry lock systems.

"We've limited what doors people can come into the building," says Mt. Garfield Middle School Principal, Terrie ReQua. "Even though we may have more doors, there's only a few ways of getting into the building."

Teachers and administrators at Central High School, Redlands Middle School, Grand Mesa Middle School, Clifton Elementary School, Mount Garfield Middle School, and Rocky Mountain Elementary can now lock and unlock doors by simply swiping their card on a card reader; and administrators can lock down the school with a single swipe.

"In years past I wish we would have had those systems," says Rocky Mountain Elementary Principal, Pattie Virden. "It would have provided a little bit more safety and assurance in situations that we have had."

And many District 51 parents agree.

"Safety wise, I think it's great," says Heather Ulibarri. "To stop and talk to the staff and them knowing who's all here, when, where, how, why?"

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