Keeping the cattle warm

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LOMA, Colo. With chilly temperatures taking over the Grand Valley, dairy farmers must go the extra mile ensuring enough milk gets out on time and makes its way to store shelves.

Raymond Dairy has around 600 milking cows and more than 100 baby calves, and with this arctic blast hanging over us, they're working day and night to ensure they all stay warm.

"[We] try to keep the pens in good shape," says president of Raymond Dairy, Bob Raymond. "We have mounds in many of the corrals and we put dry manure on them mounds and so you're just busy all day, there's never any slack up."

Throughout the day, workers dry the corrals to cover up the damp mud while also making repairs to any equipment that needs it.

But even though they have extra work to do, Raymond says it's all worth it in the end.

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