Keeping your pet safe in the snow

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Our four-legged family pets rely completely on us to make sure they're safe in the snow.

And as the temperatures continue drop, you should take special care to ensure your pets are staying warm too.

Vets say keeping them brushed out and clean is important, but this definitely isn't the time to shave off that thick fur.

"Animals can get frostbite," says veterinarian Justin Seely. "Dogs and cats can get frostbite on the ears so you want to make sure, that's where it comes back to having a good shelter where they can get out of the wind."

Vets like Seely say it's okay to stop using flea and tick prevention until about March when the weather begins to warm up again; but heartworm prevention should continue throughout the year.

For pets that stay outside, make sure they have a dry, warm place to get out of the cold weather, especially at night.

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