Know More about chronic lung diseases

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Close to 100 people in the community know more about chronic lung diseases.

That's all thanks to Saturday’s Western Colorado Lung Health Conference. Local experts met with patients and caregivers today at St. Mary's Hospital.

Different doctors and specialists discussed what it's like to live with different lung diseases, medication and oxygen for these problems and how to talk to doctors about lung conditions.

The speakers could not have been more pleased about the turn out of the first annual event.

"It’s the first time so we are not really sure what to expect, but I think the outcome and turn out has been very good and [the event has been] well received. The vendors who have showed up with there devices have been very positive," exercise physiologist lead and event speaker Paul Keddy said.

Experts and speakers hope they'll be able to put the event on next fall with even more people.

Denver has held the conference for the past nine years, and the success of the event encouraged local organizers to put one together on the Western Slope this year.

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