Know More: start now to avoid holiday weight gain

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It's November 1st, which means chances are you have plenty of Halloween candy lying around the house and even more delicious fall foods to eat. Know More on how to avoid that holiday weight gain.

Stacey Willis lives at the gym because to her, staying healthy is food for the soul.

"[I exercise to] get a break from work, from life and everything and just put on your headphones and run and workout and just sweat out all of your problems," Willis said.

But getting up and hitting the gym every day means there can't be a short supply in motivation, and that motivation can be harder to find when the cooler weather rolls in.

"You know, you wake up and you're like, 'Ugh, I don't want to go,' but once you're here, it just feels a lot better," Willis said of going to the gym. "They think, β€˜It's cold weather, I don't want to leave the house, and just stay snuggled and watch TV.’"

Colder temperatures bring warm comfort foods and plenty of holiday snacking. For many, temptation can be hard. If you do give in, Max Muscle owner and nutrition coach Mary Leeds says it's okay to indulge once as long as it's in the morning or afternoon and you compensate for your indulgence the next day.

"Have that cookie, have that piece of cake," Leeds said. "Get your fiber and the good soluble carbohydrates in vegetables and leafy greens more the next day."

Leeds says people should also eat plenty of protein the day after sweets to help get their glycemic index back to normal levels.

If you're fighting the urge to bear the cold when it comes to exercise, personal trainer Kristen Schanke says a new physical activity like snowboarding and skiing or even setting a spring goal might give you the motivation you need.

"Find something that interests you whether it's at a gym whether it's a specific class or something outside,” she said. "[Find a] race that come early spring so that you're still motivated and still have a goal in mind."

If you over spend on gifts this holiday season, you'll likely find debt, so why should over spending on holiday calories be any different?

"You pay for it later," Leeds said. "The over indulgence on calories you're going to pay for in long, tedious hours in the gym trying to burn the calories and the fat off."

Many local gyms offer classes through the winter months. Gym members say it you commit to it and make it part of your daily routine, you'll be more likely to stick to your workout plan through the winter.

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