Know More: what to do (and not to do) to fight the flu

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Know More about what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to fighting the flu.

There's no question the flu isn't letting up, and local authorities say there are still close to 20 people hospitalized here in the Valley. People go about recovering in different ways, so we're helping you know more about which are the best methods for getting better.

So it happened. You caught the dreaded flu. What happens next? It's time to recover by doing some things and not doing others.

Emergency personnel have been busy taking calls every day from sick people looking for answers. You could do this.

“We've been getting three to four calls a day where people are describing various symptoms that are similar to the flu,” Grand Junction Police Department spokesperson Kate Porras said. "If you think you should call 911, then you should go ahead and call and let our dispatchers talk to you."

Authorities do want to remind people that 911 is not staffed by doctors, and some of their non-emergency questions would be better answered by a physician.

"I know our office has a physician on call 24 hours a day, and many others do, too," pediatrician Cassana Littler said.

If you choose to recuperate at home, some medicines can help minimize the symptoms. Do this:

"All children six months and older can have ibuprofen and that's good for fevers and general body aches," Dr. Littler said.

Another “Do” when it comes to fighting the flu? Tylenol, all in the correct doses. But Dr. Littler says don't do cough syrup for those under six.

For everyone, it’s also important to hydrate with clear liquids, but don’t do anything too sugary.

"You want to make sure that you have pedialite on hand, water is available, that they're drinking enough fluids to stay hydrated,” she said.

As for other at-risk individuals, it's all about going into preventive mode. Do this:

"We’ll have our housekeepers go around and every day, they go around with disinfectant, they wipe down every doorknob, every place that you would touch," The Atrium of Grand Valley general manager Eugene Geurink said.

For kids and adults alike, experts say don't come out when the bug starts to hit.

"We do have them self-quarantine themselves when they are sick,” Geurink added.

The fire department says its also responded to numerous flu calls, but like the dispatchers, it would also rather have people call 911 just in case, as many of the flu symptoms are similar to that of carbon monoxide poisoning.

You'll have a chance to get the flu shot tomorrow if you haven't already. Mesa County Health Services will be hosting a clinic all day tomorrow at the Central Services Building on First Street. The cost is 20 dollars per shot.

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