Know how to prevent heat stroke this summer

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GRAND JUNCTION The summer temperatures are still up high and being out in the heat for too long can cause a number of heat emergencies.

Thursday was national heat stroke prevention day and officials say there are several things you should be aware of this summer.

Children and older adults are extremely susceptible to heat illnesses and medical experts say extra precautions need to be taken to make sure they stay safe.

Shawn Montgomery with the Grand Junction Fire Department said knowing the illnesses that lead up to heat stroke can be important.

"Heat Stroke is pretty much the last stage of a heat emergency, you'll start out with heat exhaustion, heat cramps and then start going into a heat stroke," said Montgomery.

Montgomery said the most important thing to know when outside this time of year is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

If you are parent make sure you keep your children with you at all times and never leave them in a car even if you are only running a quick errand, and look before you lock.

This year alone 18 children have died from heat stroke while left in a hot car alone.

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