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It's almost election day and Mesa County residents still have time to cast their vote if they have not already.
Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Sheila Reiner, said Democrat and Republican volunteers are organizing the ballots at the Mesa County Central Services Building. Reiner said, "Each of the teams working behind me are affiliations balanced, essentially. So that there's one person from each party to make sure that the process is being processed accurately and honestly."
This election is the first time Colorado residents will be able to take advantage of a new state law that says residents can actually register and vote the same day. Reiner said, "You can get a replacement ballot, you can register if you are new to our community, you can change your address… you can do anything that you can do at our main office at any of the voter service and polling centers." In Mesa County, those locations include: the Clifton Motor Vehicle Office, Mesa County Community Services Building, and the Mesa County Central Services Building.
On Monday, officials expected to collect 5,000 ballots. That would be the highest number they collected since counting began. By the end of Monday, election officials expect to have 36% or 30,000 ballots in for Mesa County. Reiner said, "But it's really about average for a local school district, non-partisan race like this."
Mesa County's 2013 ballot asks voters to decide on board of education candidates for Mesa, Plateau and Delta County's. There are two state measures. One measure is Amendment 66, a proposed income tax hike to support funding for education. The other is Proposition AA, a tax question about the retail sale of marijuana.
Reiner said, "It’s a great opportunity to vote on local races. They do actually impact us. Even if you don't have someone in the school district, I’m sure you know someone who has kids in the school districts and it is quite impactful."
Residents have until 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, to turn in their ballots to any of the three drop off locations in Mesa County. Those 24 hours locations are: Mesa County Central Services Building, Mesa County Community Services Building and the Fruita Civic Center.

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