Police officers learn to analyze blood spatter

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- It's real life "Dexter" episode when law enforcement officers take a blood spatter analysis training course.

The Grand Junction Police Department sponsored the week-long lab held at the station.

Two forensic analysts from Bevel, Gardner and Associates instructed the basis blood stain pattern analysis class.

One of the instructors Jon Priest says the course will help investigators understand blood stains at crime scenes.

"How to document those blood stains, and how to get an understanding of what the blood stains are actually telling them and how to reconstruct that, to determine as best and as practical to what happened at that crime scene," said Priest.

The lab looked like scenes out of a movie, and with TV dramas like SHOWTIME's "Dexter," Hollywood has made forensic science popular, but Priest says real-life blood pattern analysis is quite different.

"Blood stain pattern analysis that you see in television shows is usually more glorified and that they make it look bigger than what it actually is. And most crime scenes involve a minimal amount of blood," said Priest.

The 40-hour course concludes on Friday.

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