Le MedSpa presents Sock It to Your Wrinkles

Many pairs of child's striped socks
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Grand Junction, Colo. – Do you own a pair of socks that could be traded in for wrinkles? Come on down to the Le MedSpa for the Sock It to Your Wrinkles event going on today.

The anti-aging skin care center and laser center is teaming up with Hilltop’s Latimer House to offer skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reductions for clean, unused socks.

For every three pairs of socks donated, Le MedSpa will deduct $30 from the cost of services for skin treatment. The socks must be women and children’s sizes.

All socks donated will be given to Hilltop’s Latimer House for the use of its clients. Le MedSpa will also provide soaps, lotions and other skin products.

This offer will be in effect until the end of the year.

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