Leftover Hunting License Day attracts new hunters

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) --- Brand-new and seasoned hunters alike lined up to snag last minute hunting licenses Tuesday morning.

"We did see some people show up yesterday around noon time to find the best spot and get their place in line and hopefully get that license they were looking for," said Mike Porras, spokesperson for Colorodo Parks and Wildlife.

Porras said he has seen the number of hunters looking for licenses dwindling in recent years.

"The average age of our hunter is getting up into his fifties and sixties," he said. "Many of these guys are not going to be around hunting forever. We encourage youth. We encourage women. We're trying to show them that this is a great activity for them to get into."

It was 11-year-old Tristen Welker's first time getting his official hunting license. His mother, Angela Welker, said hunting is a family bonding activity.

"You're spending time together," she said. "There's things to learn. Their dad knows a lot about different plants, different species of animals."

Levi Nolan, 12, also got his first elk license Tuesday. He said hunting is a great way for young people to be active.

"They need to be able to be in the nature and not be stuck on video games and stuff and actually do something outside," Nolan said.

Colorado is the only state that allows over-the-counter license sales, so they will be available at certain retailers around the area.

Hunting licenses can also be purchased online at Colorado Parks and Wildlife's website.

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