Libertarian VP candidate stops at CMU

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Being a swing state means multiple visits from both major players running for president, but now, some of the lesser- known candidates are also bringing their campaigns to Colorado.

Monday, Libertarian vice presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray made a stop at CMU, rallying a small crowd to get behind his running mate, Governor Gary Johnson.

Gray's speech was centered around the economy, jobs and his campaign's promise to audit the federal government. Another big topic was the legalization of marijuana and Amendment 64, something Gray called a revolution.

Some undecided voters said they were happy to hear Gray bring attention to the medical marijuana debate.

"The issues on marijuana legalization and the whole drug war at large-- and real wars for that matter-- they just want to take care of number one first, take care of America first and not be the world police," CMU sophomore Jacob Hurley said.

Libertarian House District 54 candidate Tim Menger was also at Monday’s event, rallying support against embattled Republican Jared Wright.

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