Salon owner spots lice on local kids

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) A local salon has recently found at least 8 different District 51 students that she says most likely have lice. You don't have to panic if you find lice in your child's hair, but you do need to take action.

The affected students all attend different schools around the valley.
Kimberly Leach, a local salon owner, says she spotted the lice on the students when they came into her shop for a hair cut. Leach, says when lice is spotted that person has to leave the salon, but they are given information on how to seek out treatment. Leach says she wants parents in the district to be aware that there are easy ways to treat the issue, and you don’t just have to cut off ones hair.

One treatment method is going to a pediatrician to get medical treatment. If you feel comfortable you can self treat the issue using one of several home kits that are currently available.

Kids should not share hats or things that go in one's hair, including a scarf for your neck. Lice can easily be spotted by looking at your child's scalp.

"You can actually see them move. They're sometimes brownish, they're sometimes white. They look like rice crawling around, falling out of the hair. They don't hop, they don't jump, they don't fly, they can move super, super fast though and they are spreading that way," says Leach.

District 51 officials say once lice are found on a student, they're sent home. Information on treatment is provided to the parent or guardian. The district handles it on a case-by case basis. If multiple students are found to have lice in a classroom, often a letter is sent home to parents and the classroom is cleaned.

District officials say it's important to have help from the parents or guardians when dealing with lice.

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