Lifeguards on duty

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) --- With summer officially started, families are flocking to public pools to beat the heat.

As more bodies enter the water, more stress is put on lifeguards who seem to be getting younger and younger.

To be certified by organizations like the Red Cross and John Ellis and Associates, candidates must only be 15-years-old.

But with constant focus and intense training, even young lifeguards can be successful.

"We focus a lot on what we call pro-active life guarding," says certified lifeguard and City of Grand Junction Recreation Coordinator, Pete Ashman. "So what our guards do more than some of the other guarding programs is they figure out what problems are going to be before they happen rather than be reactive and responding."

Officials like Ashman say that while lifeguards are a good last line of security, teaching children how to swim is the most proactive form of lifeguarding there is.

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