Light a candle for the homeless who passed away

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- It is not always easy to follow the path of those who are homeless in our community, but officials at the Grand Valley Homeless Coalition work to honor the lives of those lost each year.

"In January, we are going to be doing another count that is going to allow us to see whose really here. From our previous counts that the majority of our homeless have actually been members of our community for many years and actually residents of Mesa County," said Molly Woodard Chair of the Grand Valley Homeless Coalition.

Woodard said the city has made progress in getting the homeless in our community on their feet and says she hopes to gain community support in the ten-year plan to end homelessness.

Other members of the community joined hands to remember the lives of the seven homeless people lost this year.

"No matter whether they had a home to live in, they still had a place in the world as a human being, and I would like to remember them fondly and with respect," said Sherry Cole from the Global Hearts Center.

Local resident Chuck Kornman works with the homeless population and said for him, the memorial is about keeping the faith and hope alive for those still fighting homelessness.

"The people that are still alive can find a place where they can be contributing productive happy, hope-filled members of the community," said Kornman.

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