Local Military family celebrate Memorial Day

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. For many on Memorial Day we think about those who serve our country and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the armed services.

But there are many Military families who have loved one that are currently serving that hold a special place for Memorial Day in their heart.

“It's mostly just an honor, my kids always talk about soldiers now and they always point out American flags so honestly just feel honored that he's in the military," said Sara Adams an Army wife.

Adams’ said she has so much pride for her husband, Army Specialist Jordan Adams. His unit in Fort Mead was chosen to walk in the Memorial Day parade in Washington D.C. on Monday.

Sara and her two kids said it's been over a month since they've seen him but still feel lucky because that's more than some families get to see their loved ones.

"He made them pillow with his face on them and at his boot camp graduation he bought them little army bears and he also made videos before he left," said Sara Adams.

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