Local Rep. invites gun manufacturer to set up shop

A local Representative is extending an invitation to a gun manufacturing company that is threatening to leave the state.

MAGPUL said it would leave Colorado if the measure banning high capacity magazines in the state is passed into law. Representative Ray Scott, told MAGPUL officials if Boulder County doesn't want the company and it's 600 jobs that Mesa County would gladly welcome it to the Western Slope.

Scott said the company contributes 85 million dollars to the Colorado economy every year, and he would like to see it stay here.

"Why would they want to do business in an area that supports legislation that doesnt want them there, I certainly want them to understand that our door is open to new companies and new business and we are a driving area and we've got a lot to offer and Mesa County Commissioners passed a resolution protecting the Second Amendment rights of Mesa County and its citizens," said Scott.

South Carolina and Texas are also trying to lure the company to open up there if they decide to leave.

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