Local business helps customers budget for the year

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - With the recent tax increase, paychecks are smaller this year.

Now, people are looking for ways to stretch their money.

One local business is here to do just that.

Harvest Reserve is a food storage business that sells food in small quantities, or in bulk.

The owners, DJ and Pamela LeBaron, say the key to saving money while shopping here, is taking advantage of those bulk items.

The LeBarons are in the store everyday to help their customers save and budget.

"We kind of sell a form of family life insurance in the event of a disaster; whether you've lost a job, whether you've had displacement from your home or if you're in your home and you just can't afford much," said DJ LeBaron.

The owners help all their customers pack and preserve their food for storage.

But if buying in bulk isn't your thing, Harvest Reserve has other money saving tips.

The cookware they sell has saved some of their customers a lot of money.

For example, they have an oven that utilizes the sun to heat instead of electric, saving on the next electric bill.

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