Local business united in orange

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Various businesses in the grand valley are showing their support for the Broncos with the Super Bowl this weekend

Businesses are uniting in orange; at Enstrom Candies they’re doing their part by selling orange and blue Jelly belly's and candy apples with orange and blue whipped cream and sprinkles.
It's something the store workers and customers are enjoying.

"That is great that Grand Junction is supporting the Broncos and businesses like Enstroms are doing this. We just ordered a latte with blue and orange sprinkles on top," says Mike Martin, a customer and Broncos fan.
“That support I think is just great for the Broncos. They made it to the Super Bowl, so give them support, we want them to win the Super Bowl," says Tina Thyfault, an employee at the shop.
This season the employees at the shop have been wearing Bronco jerseys every Friday. They will be selling the Bronco treats through Sunday.

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