Local critic gets request from Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce to edit website

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce's new lawyer sent a letter this week to a local resident with concerns about her website, which offers criticism of the Chamber.

Anne Landman manages the site, gjchamber.info. Landman received the letter Tuesday, which states her site's domain name and title are too similar to the Chamber's official website, gjchamber.org.

The Denver intellectual property lawyer, Sabrina Stavish, wrote in the letter that the similarity in the website names could cause confusion for people looking for information about the Chamber, but Landman said that was the point.

"We did intentionally make it so if people were looking for information on the Chamber, they'd find our information as well because we think that information is important," she said.

The letter recognizes Landman's right to free speech, but cites a trademark infringement with the website.

"Corporations have been dealing with that kind of thing for a long time," she said. "But freedom of speech has prevailed and first amendment rights have prevailed in these situations and our situation is no different."

In response to the letter, Landman has added a disclaimer on her site's homepage stating it is not the Chamber's official site.

The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce declined to comment on the situation saying it is an ongoing legal issue, but it did provide KKCO with a copy of the letter.