Local gun owners showed their 'right to bear arms' today

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Hundreds of residents rallied around the Mesa County Courthouse today to exercise their right to bear arms.

Various members of the community spoke about their reasons why the new proposed gun laws violate their Second Amendment rights.

"Any law that they pass is just going to affect my ability to either participate in hunting, in sports or to protect myself, my family and my property,” said Patrick Hayes, a gun rally attendee.

Residents are concerned any new gun laws will not take weapons out of the hands of criminals, and that only law abiding citizens will follow new laws.

"By having a gun confiscation of the good people, of the responsible people of the community; what we've done is given the bad guys a monopoly of these weapons,” said Jeff McCloskey, with the Mesa County Patriots.

The Courthouse was pretty full this afternoon, around 500 people showed up, most of them bearing arms.

The groups that sponsored the event, The Mesa County Patriots, Pro-Second Amendment Committee and the Colorado Freedom Alliance, were thrilled with the turnout today.

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