Local hound dog follows his nose to trouble

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. A hound dog in Mesa County did what most hounds do, followed his nose out in the wild.

But this time it got him into trouble.

What turned out as a trip to relieve himself turned into a full fledged dog rescue.

'Deano' the dog wandered off and may have stumbled upon a badger hole. The pup dug himself in and out of the hole until he go stuck and needed help.

He couldn't get out.

Three members of the Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department and Mesa County Animal Services arrived to try and did the dog out. The poor pooch was trapped for several hours in the hole. Fortunately he was successfuly rescued and went straight towards a water bowl.

Animal services wants to remind you to keep your pets confined, and above all keep their rabies vaccinations up to date.

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