Local mom grows affordable produce baskets for families

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO) - For many, there's nothing better than serving locally grown produce, but many community supported agriculture deals require customers to shell out money for the growing season in advance.

That may not always be possible for some families, and sometimes, it's just way too much produce. Now, a Palisade mom has turned her green thumb to growing a new kind of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Calli Ferber of Palisade has cooked up her own recipe for sharing locally grown produce with Grand Valley mom, and it's growing like a weed.

From the earth to a Sweet Pea's basket, Ferber's passion for fresh food is blooming into a business aimed at helping other moms put local fresh veggies on their dinner table. The best part? Ferber says other moms planted the idea.

"I met a whole new group of mommy friends, and when I started to talk to them about it, they couldn't pay for everything up front,” Ferber said. “So I took a spin on the CSA where you still get what's in season and you get a good variety of produce, and you only have to sign up once a week."

You can find everything from cinnamon basil, to heirloom veggies -which aren't your traditional items- but Ferber says she likes to create a basket filled with organic veggies that stretch your taste buds.

"It changes weekly, really what is in season is in the basket, so usually there is a new item every week in the basket," she said.

There may be new tastes for your family, but Ferber’s customers like the collection of produce and say they enjoy the mysterious veggies.

"I like that a lot of the things I haven't tried before, a lot of new items and variety we get to try as a family, and we like to try it all," customer Amanda Lee said.

Stretching the family dollar is another thing Ferber understands, and wants to make fresh produce affordable for everyone.

"I make sure it is a really good value, it is locally done so that right there is already better than shipped items,” she said. “Also, I make sure that 20 dollars goes far for your family."

The Sweet Pea's Pods will bundle enough fresh produce for a family of two to three for a week, and if it lasts you a bit longer, you don't have to commit to the following week like a traditional CSA.

Sweet Pea's Garden takes reservations every Wednesday throughout the season. Orders are harvested on Thursday and ready to pick up by Friday, sending the freshest produce home with you just in time for the weekend.

You can find out more about Sweet Pea's Garden and basket system by clicking the related link below.

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