Local photographer empowers women

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Local photographer Jen Swedhin is on a mission. Not only does she strive to create beautiful photographs, she strives to inspire beauty and confidence in her clients.

Swedhin specializes in boudoir photography. She said most of her clients are moms.

"I'm a mom too, I get it," she said. "I have the stretch marks, the 24/7 job that no one says thank you for, so it's really good for them to come in and be a woman first and celebrate their beauty no matter what size or color they are."

Mom-of-three Tricia Smith, 38, said doing photo shoots with Swedhin is a way to overcome issues with body image.

"You struggle with your body image after stretch marks, having children and getting into shape and everything, and just to see what you look like in photos is amazing," Smith said. "She makes you feel beautiful."

Feeling beautiful in a world of constant pressure to be fit and thin does not come easily. When it is achieved and self-esteem boosts, it can make a world of difference.

"New hair, new makeup, anything that changes your perspective of yourself can boost self-esteem," said licensed professional counselor Shelley Millsap. "But with a photo shoot like this, you're going to get that internal gratification of looking at your picture and saying, 'wow, that's really me? I can look good.'"

Swedhin's clients come in and go get hair and makeup done, while having their selection of drinks, wine or snacks to enjoy. Clients can chose how "intimate" of photos they would like and what attire to wear.

"It's scary but you just kind of have to take the plunge," Smith said. "Jen makes you feel very comfortable with what you're doing and she puts you at ease and she makes you laugh during the sessions."

Not only do Swedhin's clients leave feeling empowered, so does she.

"I feel like I'm helping women," she said. "I'm empowering them. I'm inspiring their own confidence and I'm inspiring them to treat other women like their beautiful too."

To know more about Swedhin's photography or to schedule a photo shoot, visit her website: http://www.jenswedhinphotography.com/

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