Local shop owners said holidays treated them well

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Many local store owners have spoken, and said they couldn't help but worry about sales during the holiday season this year. However, most local shops say they managed to come out ahead despite the snowy weather and looming fiscal cliff.

"You know we had a really great Christmas downtown, I think people maybe dialed back their spending just a little bit," said Pollucks owner Ivy Parnasius.

Parnasius said she attributes the increased traffic since Thanksgiving to the holiday lights and ornate window displays.

"The week after Christmas is traditionally one of my busiest weeks and so far so good the day after Christmas was really busy yesterday," said Parnasius.

One shopper said she comes back each year during the holidays to visit family and it just would be Christmas without spending some time downtown.

"Yea it's kinda nostalgic to drive down main street its really pretty at Christmas, I like to support the local businesses even though I'm not here anymore," said Heather Gonzales.

Gonzales graduated from CMU but since migrated west for warmer weather.

"I can find stuff that I can't find anywhere else, even in California that I can find in these little boutiques."

The majority of shop owners reported an overall increase this month from last, with an average of five to ten percent.

Many stores on Main Street will have sales through the rest of this week and parking is still free until after New Year's.

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