Local vet picked for exclusive hunting trip

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Tuesday was a special day for a group of veterans, as they got ready for an exclusive hunting trip.

The seven veterans chosen for the trip gathered at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office, meeting one another and grabbing their hunting licenses before taking off for the trip.

"We're heading up the hill to start two and a half days of just a great time of kicking back and giving back to these guys that have given us so much," director of Base Camp 40 Paul Bristol said.

Local volunteers and ranchers came together to make the trip happen, to honor returning wounded service men and women.

The three days of elk hunting and fishing is taking place in Glade Park, an area described as "the Mecca of elk hunting."

Six of the vets are from out of state, but Grand Junction is sending one of our own, 77- year- old Eugene Nelson, a Navy vet of the Korean War.

"I thought my time and service was over with, and I never expected anything other than getting an honorable discharge, but here I am, been selected to go on a hunting trip, paid for, with good friends and meeting new people," Nelson said.

Tuesday morning, the vets hit the range, sighting their weapons with award- winning sharp shooter Tasha Ericson and Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle.

The fun continues this Friday, as the vets will be honorary captains at the Grand Junction High School football game.

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