Local vibe on first 4/20 since new legislation was passed

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4-20, the date commonly associated with marijuana is rolling around for the first time since amendment 64 was passed and while Denver is expecting 10's of thousands to show for a public rally dedicated to marijuana usage.

Local law enforcement are not preparing for a public display here, but some are hopeful tolerance is up after new legislation.

"I think most people will just enjoy it within there own home but you know, could be surprised," said Triple Play Record Manager Matthew Cesario.

There is one event that has zero tolerance for Marijuana use, Colorado Mesa University is hosting Macklemore for a concert.

"We are not concerned about that we are taking all of the appropriate security precautions we have security guards we'll do bag checks just as you would at any concert," said CMU Public Information Officer Dana Nunn.

Smoking marijuana in public is illegal but law enforcement in Denver are prepared for the biggest 4-20 rally in history.