Local volunteer at Presidential debate

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"I just think this is a fabulous opportunity for people who live in Colorado to get this much attention paid to what we think and what our issues are and what a fabulous place Colorado is, said debate volunteer Lynn Perez-Hewitt."

She will be one of 500 volunteers who have been recruited to help control the masses.

"The DU Media Staff and planning committee have been advised that between 3,000 and 5,000 media representatives will be descending on Denver," said Perez-Hewitt.

The event is not open to the general public, but more than 16,000 seats will be filled with students, alumni, staff and media.

"I think the biggest difficulty is going to be meeting people's expectations, everybody thinks they are special and everybody wants access to who they want, when they want it because they are on a deadline, said Perez-Hewitt."

While Perez-Hewitt is in Denver, those on the Western Slope will have a close eye on the debate.

"Well clearly this 47 percent question you know the way Mitt Romney was describing it, I would really like to know who he thinks is not taking control of their lives, said Mesa County Democrats Co-Chair Karl Castleton."

"I am hoping to see Governor Romney address how he will remove the obstacles for small businesses and how he will be looking toward supporting small businesses and how he will be removing obstacles to oil and gas because they are such a big part of our economy, said Mesa County Republicans Chair Ruth Ehlers."

With just 39 days left until the election things are certainly heating up.

The debate is set to begin at 5 PM on the University of Denver Campus.

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