Local woman snaps viral shot from Watertown lockdown

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Effects of the Boston bombing reached across the country, touching lives from coast to coast.

A Grand Junction woman was there during the Watertown lockdown and said it was a terrifying experience. However, what will stick with her is the way law enforcement responded to the situation and the pride that took over the community.

Trish Sommers, her daughter were kept inside her daughter's house, running low on milk with a very hungry 17-month-old grandson.

"I walk out the front door,and you can't go out, and [the police] all start walking toward me, and I say, 'Can I talk to you?' and I say, 'I don't know anything, but my 17-month-old needs milk,'" said Sommers.

Within an hour, an officer delivered two gallons of milk, going above and beyond the call of duty. Sommers snapped a picture with her phone to remember the gesture.

Daughter Mackenzie Wells said her main concern was keeping her son safe and happy during the hours of lockdown, knowing she and her family were just blocks from gun fire.

"I think just letting them know they're safe and letting them go about their day like everything is normal is most important," said Wells.

Sommers said she was scared to death during the search and at times felt like the bombing challenged her freedoms, but she said she will take away pride in the U.S. from the experience.

"So then you feel like it has been taken away from you, and then I think about the experience with the Boston police and how they protected us, and I am the proudest American I can be," said Sommers.

The picture of the officer delivering milk soon went viral online. Sommers said the attention made her uncomfortable, so she took it off Facebook, but it was too late.

Flying back to Grand Junction on Sunday, Sommers said the man sitting next to her had the photo up on his laptop.

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