Lost dog causes buzz on social media

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A dog is on the loose at Corn Lake, causing many residents to take to social media to get the word out about this seemingly abandoned dog.

The Shar-pei has been seen around the lake for the past few days.

Holly White is just one of several people who have gone out to the park to try and rescue this lost dog.

"We're trying to catch this Shar-pei mix that has been around here on corn lake for a few weeks now, and just get him somewhere safe and he's got an eye infection just try and get him treated for it," said White.

But Mesa County Animal Services said this is a call they get often as the weather starts to warm up. They encourage dog owners to take extra time and groom your pet as their needs sometimes change along with the weather.

Penny McCarty from Animal Services said there are several things owners should do in the spring time, "this is very important to check your perimeter, because over the winter time things can settle there can be holes under the fence maybe boards have come loose so people need to do an assessment of their property."

With more than 14,000 calls a year they say it can also be important to look into your pets dietary needs, since that may also change with the summer time.

"One of the things you might consider is if your dog is not spayed or neutered is taking advantage of one of our certificates and getting that done," said McCarty.

The Facebook group Mesa County lost and found pets is working alongside of Animal Services to take care of this lost pup, and give him the medical attention he needs.

They are encouraging anyone who may know the owner of the dog to contact Animal Services at 970-255-5003.

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