Lost wallet found 37 years later at the Avalon

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Losing your wallet can be a devastating experience, but today, a Grand Junction man is reunited with his lost wallet almost four decades after it went missing at the Avalon Theatre.

Kok Seang Bou never thought he would see his wallet that went missing in 1976, but today, the City of Grand Junction, reunited him with his wallet, a reunion 37 years in the making!

“I cannot believe they found my wallet," said Bou.

Bou was at the Avalon Theatre in 1976 watching a movie, when he lost his wallet.

“When I went to the car I knew I lost it, so I went back in and it was gone," said Bou,

At the time, the Avalon was the Cooper Movie Theater.

Now the Avalon Theatre is being restored and construction crews are busy working on the renovation project. Crews were tearing down drywall and that's where they say they found the wallet.

Jolene Evans and her co-worker stumbled upon the wallet and they wanted to make sure it made its way back to its rightful owner.

“When we had found it, I said, we should look him up, Google him or something," said Evans.

Almost everything was still inside.

“Everything except the money," said Bou,

But how did his wallet wind up behind a wall?

“Somebody must have picked it up, took the money and tossed it," said Bou.

Now Bou is looking forward to showing his children what was in his wallet 37 years ago.

“My kid cannot wait to see my driver's license. At that time I had long hair so they really want to see it," said Bou.

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