Maintaining precious resources

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The preservation of a popular Western Slope attraction has been a topic of conversation for years now and in just a few months, the Bureau of Land Management will reveal their brand new resource management plan for the area.

With beautiful scenery and tens of thousands of acres of land along the Gunnison river, it's no wonder the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Are is widely considered one of the most awe inspiring places on the Western Slope; and the BLM is tasked with keeping it that way.

"We're working on a resource management plan that's a long term comprehensive plan for the management of those resources," says NCA Manager, Collin Ewing. "The special resources of this area."

Dominguez-Escalante was declared an NCA five years ago by congress.

The BLM's plan will be released in the fall and aims at protecting wildlife, sensitive resources like paleontology and archeaology, and even livestock grazing that has been a staple of the area historically.

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