Maintenance keeps drivers safe on the road this summer

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. While most people winterize their cars, mechanics also recommend people get their cars checked over the summer as well especially if there's a road trip in their future.

High temperatures can cause car batteries to corrode, engines to overheat if there's not enough coolant and tire pressure to increase past the recommended level.

Car repair shops are extra busy over the summer fixing these problems caused by extreme temperatures and long road trips.

"We get a lot of people coming through on their way to their final destination to have a flat repair, they break down on the highway, engine will overheat, so we do see a lot more of that in the summertime," said Jeff Reuwsaat, of Firestone Complete Auto Care.

People can help prevent these problems by doing routine checks and maintenance on their cars.

"When it gets hot, air expands so that can play games with your air pressure in your tires. we recommend checking them at least every couple of weeks." Reuwsaat said.

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