Making a comeback in the housing market

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The real estate market is booming on the Front Range while Mesa County slowly but surely makes its way out of its housing recession slump.

Experts say the Grand Valley has finally entered into a stabilization phase.

The housing market can't be compared with that of the Denver area but movement and sales are picking up as we make our way through the fiscal year.

There's a relatively low inventory of houses on the market.

Approximately 1000 houses up for sale across the Western Slope.

“The real estate market is improving definitely since the way it was a year ago, so it is improving. We are having a slow increase, but it is busy,” says Marjorie Genova of Remax 4000.

Fewer houses on the market signals more buyers making their way to the Western Slope and also tips the scales in favor of the home sellers.

Despite the slim pickings, real estate experts agree that sellers have to be realistic with their prices, pushing the ceiling on prices could deter potential buyers.

According to recent reports by Remax 4000, in the Mesa County homes will typically be on the market for an average of 116 days before they are sold.

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