Deliveries through snow and ice make the holiday nice

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- While many are home all snug in their homes, local FedEx drivers are out braving the weather in hopes of making customer's holiday season that much better.

"Christmas, between the weather and you get to work in the dark and you finish in the dark, it makes for a really long day," said FedEx Driver Brad Girald.

The Grand Junction Fed Ex Depot deployed 27 drivers on Christmas Eve in an effort to cover more than 2,000 stops between here and Moab.

"This is the kind of weather we typically get on Christmas, and on our busiest day, we have our most number of deliveries, so it just gets a little crazy," said Girald.

Senior Manager for the Western Slope Patricia Cagley said her employees have been working 12-hour days for the past eight days and some will working Christmas day as well.

"But we are trying to keep the troops happy with food and refreshments. You know, it's all about the purple promise," said Cagley. "It's all about trying to get this stuff out on the road and make the customers happy."

Cagley said they were slammed with 400 unplanned packages that all need to be delivered by Christmas.

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