Man attempts to rob police officer with toy gun

Hand gun
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Patricio Preciado may have thought he could pull a fast one on an unsuspecting civilian by attempting to rob them with a toy gun.

Unfortunately for Preciado, he chose to rob a police officer.

Preciado allegedly pointed what appeared to be a black handgun in the officer's face and said, "give me your money". The officer, believing that Preciado was going to shoot him, drew his handgun. As he did so, Preciado smiled and held up his gun, saying he was just kidding and that it was a toy.

The officer was in full uniform at the time, giving little credence to Preciado's excuse that he didn't know the man was a cop.

Preciado was arrested for attempted robbery and felony menacing.

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