Man turns snow into public symbol of Broncos pride

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. While some were planning their Super Bowl parties, Charles Highline was outside with a shovel and a can of spray paint to show his Bronco's pride.

"I said, 'Ha I'm taking advantage of when it snowed yesterday. I'm making a sculpture of the Broncos,'" Highline said. "I may not live long enough to see us go to the Super Bowl again."

This was Highline's first time snow sculpting. He spent five hours clearing snow from his yard Friday and an hour shaping it into an over-sized Broncos logo Saturday morning.

"The biggest challenge was getting all the snow stacked up and compressed and everything," Highline said. "And then that was it. Just stack it up and carve it out."

Drivers honked horns and stopped to take pictures with the statue on 29 Road near Orchard Ave.

"It's pretty impressive," said David Allgood, who posed with the Broncos sculpture. "Somebody's got some spirit, some serious spirit."

Mona Highline said her husband definitely has team spirit as well as artistic talent, allowing him to share his Broncos pride with others in creative ways.

"He did it free handed," she said. "He did it you know just humming to himself and working quietly and a masterpiece was done. It's mind blowing."

Highline is not sure how long the statue will last, but a win from the Broncos is all he's really hoping for this weekend, he said.

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