Marijuana a danger to pets

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The legalization of marijuana is raising the risk of pets getting a hold of the drug.

Marijuana edibles, oils and even the plant itself can look like a treat to a pet if it's left out on a counter top.

The drug makes some dogs lethargic, while others become hyperactive and scared.

It's not usually fatal, but animals need to be treated to get the toxic drug out of their bodies safely.

If a pet owner knows the cause of illness is marijuana, veterinarians recommend being upfront about what happened, so they don't have to waste time or money on testing and they can treat the pet quickly.

"Those dogs are definitely not having a great time. the other thing too is the amount of time it takes for dogs for marijuana to kind of be processed by their body and gotten rid of is a lot longer than a person," said Dr. Bruce Kronkright, a Grand Junction veterinarian.

Marijuana can last for days in a dog's system, compared to only a few hours for a human body.

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