Marijuana edibles pose danger for kids

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Part of the growing cannabis industry in Colorado includes marijuana edibles. The treats, ranging from lollipops to brownies to truffles, don’t look, smell or taste like marijuana. As a result, kids are getting their hands on the products and become exposed to dangerously-high levels of THC.

Jim Schrant, Drug Enforcement Administration Agent, said the products are being marketed towards kids with colorful and bright packaging, which makes it easy for kids to want to try it.

“It makes it a lot more appealing to kids whereas instead of having to take a puff of a joint, they could have a marijuana lollipop or a marijuana-infused chocolate,” Schrant said.

The biggest concern is the intensity of marijuana edibles.

“A lot of times the intensity can be three to ten times more powerful than a marijuana cigarette or joint,” Schrant said.

Chad Williams, Community Outreach Deputy for Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, said it’s crucial for parents to keep these edibles out of sight for children.

“It looks like a brownie but they need to be safeguarded like drugs because that's what they are,” Williams said. “You're not going to leave prescription medication laying around on a plate on your counter for anyone to eat, so you can't do the same thing with these cookies or brownies.”

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