Marilyn Charlesworth takes the stand in Blagg hearing

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Before questioning began on day two, Judge David Bottger warned Marilyn Charlesworth if the statements she makes while on the witness stand contradict what she said under oath years ago about her ex-husbands abusing her she could incriminate herself and face perjury charges.

She refused to plead the fifth because she said she has nothing to hide.

In the juror questionnaire she filled out before the 2004 trial she wrote she had never been involved in a domestic violence situation. The prosecution and defense asked her about the reports she made in the 1990's against her two ex-husbands saying they abused her. Charlesworth said she didn't realize she was a victim of emotional abuse during the time of the trial until recently after talking to domestic violence advocates. She still stands her ground saying she's never been physically hit.

Those closest to Charlesworth were also called by the prosecution to take the stand. Her friends and family all testified that they've never seen or heard of her being physically abused.

Social media came into play as the defense showed Charlesworth's Facebook page because the photos on her page are of Jennifer and Abby Blagg and a sign is up urging to keep Michael Blagg behind bars.

Tensions remained high in the courtroom with Charlesworth's future daughter-in-law breaking down in tears on the stand. Charlesworth herself got angry saying she doesn't want her or her family to be dragged thought the mud anymore.

The hearing continues Wednesday morning when the final witness will take the stand.

It could be weeks before the judge makes his ruling on the motion.

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