Matt Lewis on the ballot

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. They've found a replacement for Senator King...Mesa County Republicans officially select their sheriff's candidate for the November election.

After a public observation meeting and executive session, the Republican Vacancy Committee of Mesa County selects Matt Lewis to fill their ballot void.

Nominees were given five minutes each to address the 13 person vacancy committee in the hopes of getting their chance at the coveted Republican candidate spot.

One vote was called in and the other twelve were cast in front of the public.

The vote distribution left Lewis with nine, followed by Robert Dalley with three, and Mark McGarry with just one.

“One of the things that i bring is an internal perspective, I know the place, I’ve worked there for my entire adult life, and I can transition to leadership probably more smoothly than some of the other candidates,” says the new Republican candidate, Matt Lewis.

Lewis has served the Mesa County Sheriff's Office for 17 years and hopes that his experience will help win the trust of Mesa County voters.

He says he's eager to make up for the lost campaign time and looks forward to meeting more of the community he serves every day.

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