Maximize swamp cooler to get relief from heat

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Temperatures are only continuing to rise in the coming weeks and there are ways to ensure swamp coolers actually cool houses down.

Upgrading the size of the pump to get more water to the cooling pads and trading out weak engines for a higher horse-powered engine will make the fan move faster.

Improving the swamp cooler itself could bring the cooling index down further than the usual 10-20 degrees and it's still cheaper than running an air conditioner.

"You can get adequate cooling at a much lower cost," the actually refrigerated air ones are more expensive to purchase and they're more expensive to operate," said Bill Arcieri, of Home Depot.

Starting the pump a few minutes before starting the fan will ensure the air coming out of the swamp cooler is cold enough.

"If you turn it on sooner all you're doing is spreading more hot air around the house, so suffer a few minutes, get the pads soaked and then get the fan blowing," Arcieri said.

Keeping windows open is also a must to get hot air out of the room and fans will help circulate the cool air throughout the house.

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