Mental health resources available in Mesa County

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It's unthinkable to parents their child could do something like what happened last week at a Connecticut Elementary school. Following the shooting KKCO 11 news took calls from concerned parents who fear their child may be disturbed.

One mother Blogged about her battle with her disturbed and violent son. A woman known as the Anarchist Soccer Mom posted on her Blog the day of the shooting in Connecticut, confessing that she fears her son could be capable of a mass shooting. The post has received national attention from other worried parents.

We looked into the resources available here in Mesa County, and what signs concerned parents should take note of.

"Even who they hang out with how they dress who they hang out with what their new interests are," said family counselor Chris Cline.

Cline said parents need to pay close attention to their children now more than ever.

"Who are they talking to on Facebook? Are they still talking to the same friends or do they have new friends and who is influencing your child," said Cline.

Michelle Hoy at Western Colorado Mental Health said they will see anyone suffering from mental health issues regardless of financial issues or limited health insurance. Hoy said community safety is a joint effort between health professionals and local residents.

"Everyone here should be trained and know what to do if someone is depressed or you know violent and what do I do about that," said Hoy.

For more information about the services available visit:

The Anarchist Soccer Mom Blog can be found at: Thinking the Unthinkable

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