Mentally ill man prompts Wal-Mart lockdown

A homeless man caused quite a scene at the Rimrock shopping center after his threats prompted a lockdown at the Wal-Mart.

According to Grand Junction Police, the man was in the parking lot talking to himself Sunday, making several generalized threats and mentioning "killing people."

A customer heard his mutterings, called 911 and alerted the store manager. Police officers asked Wal-Mart managers to lock down the store as they responded to the scene.

Officers initiated a high-risk stop because of the possibility the man might have had a weapon.

However, they determined he was unarmed and detained him without incident while officers interviewed him.

Police say the man was passing through the area and suffered from a mental illness. At this time, officers do not believe a crime was committed, so the man has not been charged.

The man has since been released, and police say the man was apologetic for scaring people.

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