Mesa County stops taking cats from owners

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WHITEWATER, Colo. Mesa County Animal Services says 'No' to cats being brought in by their owners.

Due to budget cuts, Mesa Coutnty Animal Services will no longer be able to help owners rehome their cats.

Typically, Mesa County Animal Services works with owners to take in and transfer cats to their partner adoption agencies, but they hope to now focus all their attention on public safety.

"We're still going to pick up animals that are sick or injured. we are still going to be doing the humanitarian function that are department has always strived to do," says Penny McCarty of Mesa County Animal Services.

Mesa County Animal Services sees this as a great opportunity for owners to work directly with adoption partners to find their cats a new home.

They will continue to offer traditional services such as rescuing injured cats, quarantining cats with diseases, and other in-house medical treatments.

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