Mesa County Commissioners close economic development fund

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MESA COUNTY,Colo. On Monday Mesa County Commissioners met to discuss closing the economic development fund.

The fund closing doesn't actually mean that the money won't go to economic development in Mesa County.

The money will now be shifted to the general fund to give County Commissioners more freedom when choosing the projects they use the money for.

Frank Whidden from the Mesa County Resource Management office said the move is more for accounting purposes more than anything else.

"We have to be very careful about how the funds are accounted for fund by fund and we determined that it would be easier to account for the money that is in that fund if it was in the general fund," said Whidden.

The change does not affect how the money can be spent or how it will be dispersed. It will make it easier for accountants when tracking the money the county is spending.

The Commissioners approved the closing of the fund during Monday’s meeting.

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