Mesa County Libraries bring Dr. Seuss to life

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Children are meeting the characters from Dr. Seuss' most famous work as puppets.

Mesa County Libraries are celebrating the 110th anniversary of the author's birthday with a special rendition of the Cat in the Hat.

About 70 people crowded the Clifton Library Branch to catch Thursday's show, which organizers said helps encourage children to start reading.

"A puppet show is a great way to just get the kids into the library to have fun," said Trevor Adams, of Mesa County Libraries. "The puppet shows are always based on a book or two, so it's a way to encourage kids to maybe read that book."

The Cat and the Hat puppet show will have six shows at the Central Library from March 11 to March 15.

The shows are free and they're open to children and families.

Each performance lasts about 15 minutes.

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