Mesa County Republicans work to fill the sheriff's ballot vacancy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. He's officially out…you won't find his name on the ballot or his campaign site on the web.

Senator Steve King announces his withdrawal from the race for Mesa County Sheriff in light of a controversial criminal investigation regarding his work with local law enforcement.

According to the Mesa County Republican Party, Senator King's decision to take himself out of the running for sheriff was done completely independent of any influence from the within the party.

He's been in the midst of political drama since his victory in the primaries that's taken a toll on his campaign efforts.

There’s now a blank space on the ballot…one that Mesa County Republicans will be working quickly to fill.

“The vacancy committee will look for a person of character. They would like to see someone that's been somewhat involved in the Republican Party,” says the chair of the Mesa County Republican Party, Lois Dunn.

The Mesa County Republican Party will be accepting nominations for candidate hopefuls until Monday evening.

From this point, a 15 person vacancy committee will review nominees to see who will be a good fit to represent the Republican Party in the sheriff's race.

The vacancy committee must reach a decision by Wednesday in accordance with Colorado state law.

Much of the publicity hasn't been good, but the Mesa County Republican Party says their hopeful in the plan they have to fill their ballot vacancy.

“It’s life, people are people and we just move on, and we wish the best to Senator King and his family,” says Lois Dunn.

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