Sheriff Hilkey speaks to gun owners in Palisade

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Inari's Bistro in Palisade was packed on Monday night-- not for the food, but for the conversation.

Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey spoke to gun advocates about the recent gun legislation passed in the state of Colorado. He also talked about the Colorado sheriffs who are filing a lawsuit against the gun bills.

Many in attendance brought up recent mass shootings, stating they wish the state would focus on mental state of the shooters rather than the guns used.

"I would say you really need to look into the mental health issues, the impact that has. Don’t go after the law abiding citizens, the folks that are out here. We’re the grass roots people, the people that are tax payers," says J.J. Fletcher, who is on the board for Standing Tough Against Tyranny, a pro-gun group.

Many in attendance said they support the sheriffs in fighting Colorado's new gun legislation.

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